what is  Misarticulation Therapy?


Are you aware of Articulation Therapy to Teaching kids to utter speech of sounds that they cannot be produce is called Articulation Therapy. Some children may have the difficulty uttering certain to sounds. He or she may be omit or improperly the alter certain sounds, during the course of their the speech. Young children to sometimes may have the certain issues related to their the articulation. They should be the able to outgrow these with age. But if these are disorders persist even when they are grow older then you must be approach a Speech and the Language Pathologist (SLP) to detect the treat the problem. The sooner the problem is the detected the better is the chance of the recovery. In this blog we be will try to the make you aware about to Misarticulation and how you could have it is treated.

Types of Articulation Problems

In order to the detect an articulation of voice disorder you need to the understand the types of disorders. You need to the consider two important factors in the regard to speech or articulation.

  1. The type of speech sound error(s) in your child is making
  2. Your child’s age