What is Hearing Aids Batteries?

Hearing aid batteries is important consideration for anyone looking to the purchase a new pair of the hearing aids. If you are new to the world of the hearing aids,
Hearing Tracker the recently surveyed over the 500 hearing aid users to help to get a better idea of the how long hearing aid batteries to the really last. We asked the participants about their the battery of size, their hearing aid style, what brand of hearing aids they use, and whether the use to streaming technologies.
Hearing aid manufacturers have the long provided of information about their the products’ battery used in the “datasheets” that cover the technical specifications of the each hearing aid. The example, Resound’s datasheet for the Resound LiNX2 ,LS 61 shows the hearing aid (which uses a size 312 battery) the drains 1.3 milli -Amps (mA) from the battery when tested in the “test mode” via the ANSI S 3.22 standard.
In theory, it should be easy to the estimate of expected battery life of the hearing aid. Given that the size 312 battery has a capacity of 145 milli-Amp-hours (mAh), one merely of divides 145 mAh by 1.3 mA to arrive at an the estimated battery life of 111.5 hours.

Battery Life Formula=

111 Hours(Battery Life) = 145 mAh(Battery capacity)/1.3 mA(current Drain)






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