what is Digital  Hearing Aids?

The Digital hearing aids (D S P, or digital signal processor) is that all the same features as the analog programmable hearing aids. They are different in the convert of sound waves to the digital signals, producing an the exact duplication of the each sound,and the instead of just to amplifying it. The Computer chips are used to the analyze speech and other the sounds, The allowing for more complex processing of the sounds during to amplification.
The digital sound to the technology are used may improve the performance of hearing aid in the certain environments of reducing the background noise and white noise. Digital hearing aids the usually contain more flexible program of settings and can be the adjusted to meet the more specific hearing loss and patterns of some users.

A digital hearing aid uses to the digital rather than the analog processing. Digital means so that the sound is the converted to 1’s and 0’s and processed by computer rather than simpler to analog processing.Hearing loss and digital hearing aids are the expensive, but they offer to great flexibility in the both programming and sound processing when to the compared with analog hearing aids. Some features of the digital aids, include:

  1. speech enhancement
  2. noise reduction
  3. feedback elimination

types of digital hearing aids?

  1. Bluetooth hearing aids
  2. (C R O S ) hearing aids
  3. In-ear hearing aids
  4. Behind-the-ear hearing a
  5. Invisible hearing aids

      Advantages of digital hearing aids:

The programmed with noise reduction algorithms to the help of reduce to background noise

Highly programmable for the various listening environments

Most flexible and the adjustable for the specific user needs

Best of hearing
Hearing is the ability to perceive sound by detecting vibrations through the ear