What is Cluttering Therapy?


The Cluttering is a fluency of disorder characterized by a rapid and irregular of speaking rate, excessive disfluencies, and often the other symptoms such as the language or phonological errors and attention deficits. “Children who use the cluttered speech are often the very difficult to understand and the have speech that to sounds jerky or too fast. They may have the irregular pauses or may speed up and the slow down without cause to during speech. As secondary symptoms, they have difficulty of organizing their thoughts of verbally, they may leave many sounds out of the words, and they may be use irregular pitch or intonation.

Cluttering Therapy-

Cluttering Therapy is “If your child has the received a diagnosis of the cluttering, it is important to the teach him some strategies of compensate for this. There is no “cure” for the cluttering but children can taught to techniques that will help them be the understood by others. For most of the these children, the first step is the making them aware that it’s happening. Once they are become aware that someone is having to trouble understanding them, they can be use the learned techniques to fix the communication of breakdown.The cluttering Therapy is part to Hearing loss and Hearing Aid Care

Here is how you can be describe the strategies to your child:

  1. Slow Speech
  2. Over-Articulation
  3. Normal Pitch