The Articulation Therapy is When a child has the difficulty forming of sounds it may affect their the development and other aspects of the their lives. For example, a child with an the articulation error may have the difficulty completing of school work or the interacting of socially with their peers. This is where the articulation therapy comes to the play. The goal of Articulation therapy is to the help a child produce of challenging sounds and achieve the age-appropriate speech.proper articulation helps of the children A happy, articulate child to Let’s start with a definition of the articulation.The Articulation is the process of physically to producing an a sound, syllable, or word. This is the accomplished by using the lips to tongue, teeth, jaw, and palate to control flow of the air. Articulation errors come in the four varieties: substitution, omission, distortion and the addition; the acronym SODA may help to you remember of them.Substitution occurs when
the one sound is replaced by with another, such as sorry/so wwy, In the very young children, this isn’t always to a cause for concern. Omission is the removal of the difficult sound when the forming a word.The Hearing loss and the Hearing aids to important to process in the Articulation therapy.

A key point in the understanding articulation of errors is their relationship to the physiological, rather than the psychological, issues. A child who has the ostracism, or the inability to pronounce the letter .